Dear Female Entrepreneur, My Friend

Posted in Dear Female Entrepreneur by dianecoach on March 31, 2010

Are you a woman in business?

Do you need a letter from a friend?

How about a daily pep talk from someone who “gets it”?

Diane Cunningham is your “biggest fan” as she shares 31 letters with you written for the female entrepreneur.

Her message rings true, and it cuts to the chase. She is willing to say what you are thinking, and allow you to be real. Each letter is a message of hope, encouragement, and victory.

Some of the topics included are:

Be Provocative

Give Yourself Permission

Get Hungry

No More Stupid Stuff

Don’t Give Up

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Diane inspires me to show up for my business and my life. She understands the heart of a woman entrepreneur and speaks directly to it with motivation and caring. I am blessed to have Diane as my friend and colleague.
~Lynda-Ross Vega, Coach

Diane has truly captured the heart and mind of an entrepreneur in her book. With each letter, I thought, “Yes, she’s so on target” or “Wow, that’s true; I do that!” The book made me laugh and provoked me to think about the need to care for myself in the entrepreneurial adventure I’ve begun. Thank you for the inspiration, Diane!

~Kathy Hadzibajric, Virtual Assistant

Diane, my dear friend and female entrepreneur!

Wow! Your letters are so personal, so transparent, so…! I truly felt as though I was your dearest sister-friend, and we were exchanging personal notes between only us. It made me want to step back in time, put on my ‘jammies’, grab a flashlight, and sit in my room in the dark to discover what only my dearest sister-friend and I would share with each other.

What a treasure I have discovered in your book. I will keep it close and share it only with other sister-friends. Okay…..I encourage every female entrepreneur, and others who aspire to be, to get a copy to have on their desk (in their bathroom, nightstand, and car) as a lifeline.

Love, Your Biggest Fan…
Deni Carruth, The Victor Life Coach

I LOVED your book of letters…

OK, so after reading your book last night, I wondered if you had been following me around the last 5 years. Kind of like when the person on What Not To Wear sees the past few week’s videos of herself…#8 and #10 were particularly wonderful.

Love you already and can’t wait to know you better. So thankful for you

Leigh Ann Napier

and get your autographed copy!!

Diane Cunningham is the President and Founder of the Life Inspiration Center and provides success coaching for female entrepreneurs through mastermind groups, program and products.